A gift through The Upper Lachlan Foundation is forever. Your gift is treated as capital, which is preserved in perpetuity. The Public Trustee for the ACT invests all gifts, and income generated is distributed regularly to nominated causes.


The Upper Lachlan Foundation achieves its aim through two types of funds: 

  1. Named Funds – Permanent charitable funds established by individuals, bequests, businesses and community organisations to provide a sustainable source of income for a cause or group about which they are passionate; and,

  2. The General Fund – Built by memberships, donations and fundraising events, the General Fund maintains the administration of the Foundation and allows for an annual distribution of grants to local community organisations.

Funds are invested by the Public Trustee for the ACT to generate income and capital growth through the security of the Public Trustee for the ACT’s sector diversified common funds. Funds invested are subject to the Prudent Person Principles of investment and are subject to stringent accounting standards and annual audit and reporting requirements.

The Public Trustee for the ACT is named in the trust deeds as the Trustee for The Upper Lachlan Foundation.

Named Funds 

The Upper Lachlan Foundation includes such diverse named funds as:

Named Funds.PNG

Existing funds are always in need of further contributions from individuals and organisations to grow in their impact for our community

Alternatively, you can establish your own fund within The Upper Lachlan Foundation. This is a convenient and low cost way for those wishing to make a larger donation. It can be named for your family or as a memorial for someone special. If you prefer anonymity, you can choose a name that reflects your purposes. Individual funds require a minimum establishment amount of $20 000. Community funds are negotiable at the time of application.

 For donations to the existing Funds or to establish a “Named Fund” please contact us.

 The General Fund 

Decide what to give

Almost any kind of asset can be used as a donation. Cash, shares, stock, real estate, life insurance, property and private foundation assets are all suitable. We would be happy to discuss any option with you.

 Decide when to give

You can create your fund now, establish it in your Will, or create it through a personal instalment arrangement. You might wish to develop a family tradition, a Family Fund to provide ongoing donations for a particular cause. You may give in honour of an anniversary, to celebrate a special event or to support a cause.

Acknowledgment of your Gift

Where permission is granted, all donors to the Upper Lachlan Foundation will be acknowledged within a year of their donation e.g in the annual report. All requests for anonymity will be respected.

Ongoing acknowledgement of substantial gifts will be developed in consultation with the donor.

No Establishment Costs 

You pay no legal or set up costs when you gift through the Upper Lachlan Foundation. Your entire gift will go to work immediately, earning income for your cause.

There are two ways you can support the community through The Upper Lachlan Foundation. You can donate to the “General Fund” or you can establish a “Named Fund”.



The Upper Lachlan Foundation Inc operates in accordance with it’s Rules and Governance Charter.

Rules & Governance Charter →

The Foundation is a part of the Capital Region Community Foundation, known as “GreaterGood”.

GreaterGood website →

Taxation Benefits

Your gift is tax-deductible (where the underlying beneficiary has deductible gift recipient status) and your gift can be a one-off donation, a regular donation or simply as often as you choose.