What is a Community Foundation?

Community Foundations are established by the community for the community. They are independent of government. They are community-run and community focused and provide a sustainable approach to addressing the issues that the community considers important.

Community Foundations are one of the fastest growing and most effective forms of philanthropy in Australia.


How does the Community see the benefit of the Foundation?

As the Foundation’s funds grow, then there is an opportunity for funds to be allocated across the Community through a grant application process. The funding application process will be made available across the entire Upper Lachlan Community.


How can I support my Community through The Upper Lachlan Foundation?

You can support the community via The Upper Lachlan Foundation in two main ways

1. Become a member and support the ongoing running of the foundation. Financial membership also gives you the opportunity to stand for board elections.

2. Make a donation to the foundation through either the “General Fund” or by establishing a “Named Fund”. For further details click here.


Is The Upper Lachlan Foundation an Incorporated Body?

Yes – The Foundation is incorporated. This process gives the Foundation security from a legal and insurance perspective and assists with future grant applications, in the process of applying for grant funding. Incorporation also provides protection when funds are allocated out of the Foundation.


Does the Foundation have a Board?

Yes – the Board consists of 9 directors. For details click here


What is the relationship between the Upper Lachlan Foundation and the Crookwell Community Trust?

Both the Foundation and the Trust are focused on supporting the local community in different ways. The Foundation and the Trust remain as two separate entities, however at any time the Trust may in invest with the Public Trustee for the ACT through the Foundation.


What is the catchment area for the Upper Lachlan Foundation?

The Upper Lachlan Shire, and at the discretion of the committee, the close surrounding areas.