Our Board

Garry Kadwell – President

Chris Croker – Vice President

Charlie Prell – Secretary & Public Officer

Pip Frost – Treasurer

Tim McCarthy

Don Burbidge

Susan Reynolds

Dick Kearins

Daniel Mossfield


ULF Board 2018

What is a community foundation?

Community Foundations are like community banks created by and for the people of our communities. A capital base is built up over time through philanthropic donations and bequests. These are kept in perpetuity to provide a permanent and growing financial resource to meet the needs of the local community.

Our Background

Like many rural areas, the communities of the Upper Lachlan suffered through devastating drought for the 5 years to 2009. These communities are built around the farming pursuits that have dominated the local economy for over 150 years and hence when drought hits the farm it tests the fabric of the community and no one escapes the impact. This is when rural communities pull together and support one another to overcome the financial and social pressures that climate uncertainty creates.

Following on from the creation of the successful, volunteer run “Look After Yours Mates” network in 2006 and the subsequent 2020 Group that sought to ensure the sustainability of the region beyond drought, the Upper Lachlan Foundation (ULF) was created in 2011 with the aim of creating an ongoing income stream to support local organisations and groups who in turn support the community.


Our Mission

Our purpose is to offer support for our diverse Community organisations and groups. We do this by providing a secure platform and income stream for the organisations and groups to build on and connect with. We raise capital through Foundation memberships, donations, fund raising events, corporate sponsorship and bequests.

The vision of the Foundation is to increase and expand upon the availability of funds to meet the aims of the Foundation and to facilitate a transparent process for the distribution of funding within the Upper Lachlan Community.

The Greater Good

The GreaterGood is a public charitable foundation established by the Public Trustee and Guardian for the ACT. All funds raised by the Foundation are invested under this banner to generate capital growth and income,and are subject to the stringent accounting and auditing requirements of the ACT Auditor General. Go to www.greatergood.org.au for more information.